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Location and economic

LocationMorzeszczyn is located in southern Pomeranian provinces about 70 km from Gdańsk. The commune covers an area of  91,2 km² - there is 72 % of ideal conditions for the development of agriculture, the remaining 18 % is covered by forests. Morzeszczyn has very favorable location, provincial road nr 234 leads Morzeszczyn to national road nr 1. There is also a railroad route Śląsk – Porty with personal stay in the village of Morzeszczyn and Majewo.
The largest road – building in the vicinity of Morzeszczyn is the construction of the A1 motorway running north – south from Gdańsk to Toruń and then on to Łódz.
The construction of this huge investment started in the area of Morzeszczyn in 2006. The biggest construction jobs take place in vicinity of Olsze, Kierwałd and Borkowo village.
Matres RevcoThe leading domain of economy in Morzeszczyn commune is agriculture. Industry and production is based on such plants as:
 - P.P.H. "MATRES REVCO" Sp. z o.o. Morzeszczyn (production and bottling of paint),
- P.P.H. "PERRY" Sp. z o.o. Morzeszczyn (production and bottling of sparkling water)
- P.P.H. "ASPOL" Królów Las (production of construction material).
Fields under economic investments in Morzeszczyn commune are indicated along road nr 234 Morzeszczyn – Borkowo and in the region of Dzierżążno.

The history of the commune reach 13th century. When Cistercians came to Pelplin, the Duke Mestwin II granted the land to the local inhabitants, a significant part of this land is today’s commune of Morzeszczyn.
Cistercians have changed the life of local population, from diffuse settlement they made a compact country. The first sign of economic development of this land were rising villages, grinding mills and brick churches. The first good standing villages were Nowa Cerkiew and Borkowo (cistercian grange).

Commune emblem
Commune emblemThe bottom part of the emblem presents an oak – tree. It symbolize the landscape and the economy of Morzeszczyn, which mainly was overgrown by forests in the past. For today’s day it has preserved a lot of oak trees, particularly in the vicinity of Borkowo village. The overhead part of the emblem presents a silver cross between two ears of cereal. The silver  cross is a symbol of Cistercians, which Morzeszczyn land was the ownership since 1276. Ears of cereal symbolize the development of civilization and agriculture, under the authority of supreme church.

It is worth seeing
Church in Nowa CerkiewNowa Cerkiew
– you can admire here a baroque church from 14th century. In 1764 the church has burned and only walls remained. During reconstruction it was important to preserve baroque style. Inside the main altar from 18th century there’s an image of god’s mother thought by local people as wonderful. During the repair in 1995 in the underground of the church workers have discovered coffins and human remains. On church the tower there are also placed medieval drawings discovered in 2005.
Manor house in Lipia GóraLipia Góra – there is a beautiful manor house which is the ownership of family Woźnicki. It has been built near 1850, on the place of wood manor from 17th century.

Chapel of Saint RochChurch in DzierżążnoKrólów Las
– ramification of roads to Morzeszczyn  and Gogolewo there is a chapel of saint Roch – the patron which was protecting  villages from epidemics.
Dzierżążno – there is a brick church from 14th century . During of thirteen years war, the church was destroyed. In 1584 church was reconstructed.

Napoleon's oak-treeBorkowo – at the road nr 234 it is placed an oak – tree, local people called it “Napoleon’s oak – tree”. The tree is over 300 years old and it’s a monument of nature. The legend says, that emperor Napoleon has rested under that tree after the battle with Prussians.


- Nursery school in Rzeżęcin,
- Primary school name of Maria Konopnicka in Nowa Cerkiew,
- Group of school in Morzeszczyn

Non-Government Organizations
- 3 sports associations,
- 5 volunteer fire guard,
- 5 woman’s associations (Koło Gospodyń Wiejskich).

Important telephones/area code +48 (58)

Community office/Urząd Gminy Morzeszczyn
ul. 22 Lipca 4, 83-132 Morzeszczyn
tel./fax +48 58 536-27-19, 536-27-92

Culture Center/Gminny Ośrodek Kultury
ul. 22 Lipca 4, 83-132 Morzeszczyn
tel./fax +48 58 536-27-19

Library/Gminna Biblioteka Publiczna
ul. Dworcowa 3, 83-132 Morzeszczyn
tel. +48 58 536-29- 17

Group of school/Zespół Szkół w Morzeszczynie
ul. 22 Lipca 22, 83-132 Morzeszczyn
tel./fax +48 58 536-27-87

Primary school name Maria Konopnicka
Nowa Cerkiew 1, 83-132 Morzeszczyn
tel. +48 58 536-22-05

Health center/NZOZ “Pelmed”
ul. 22 Lipca 19, 83-132 Morzeszczyn
tel. +48 58 536-27-57

Post office
ul. Dworcowa 2, 83-132 Morzeszczyn
tel. +48 58 536-29-83

Bank/Bank Spółdzielczy Skórcz o/Pelplin, filia Morzeszczyn
ul. 22 Lipca 4, 83-132 Morzeszczyn
tel. +48 58 536-27-18

Volunteer fire guard/OSP Morzeszczyn
tel. +48 998, +48 58 536-27-98

ul. 22 Lipca 19
83-132 Morzeszczyn
tel. +48 58 536-29-10

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